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Tuesday, June 15, 2010
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Friday, November 20, 2009
Winway Resume Review:

Winway Resume  provides most of the standard features of a piece of resume-writing software for a fairly reasonable price, although some of the software higher on our list in the resume-writing software category offer better value for money. However, it contains all you need to produce an effective resume and the necessary extras, and will set you firmly on the road to finding a job. As it is often hardest to actually make a start when writing, they provide you with templates specific to job-types, all written by professionals, to give you a head-start on the best style for your sector. If you lack experience with writing, there is a vast range of phrases to use, which are both formal and endeavor to enhance your skills and good qualities in the most attractive way.
Winway Resume, just as several of the pieces of software that we have reviewed, gives the user a choice between chronological, functional or mixed resume formats; if you want a normal resume where positions are listed in date order it is best to chose chronological. However, if you are less experienced and wish to disguise this somewhat, a functional resume is preferable as it lists skills and then the ways in which you have demonstrated them in previous situations. This is also a good way of directly emphasizing all the qualities that you can bring to the job in question. A mixed resume, of course, is a combination of the two. Winway Resume provides templates on all three.
We were impressed by the attention that Winway Resume pays to the appearance of your resume; with a large selection of graphics for decoration, and hundreds of possible themes, all customizable to create your unique style, you are sure to end up with a resume that is more attractive than many of your competitors, and hopefully therefore will catch the eye of a prospective employer! A particularly nice detail that isn't often seen elsewhere is the option of printing off your own customized envelopes for an extra bit of attention-grabbing.
The inclusion of interview practice questions definitely boosts this software in our favor, as interviews can be very nerve-wracking, and any way of reducing this and helping you seem more confident is advantageous, as the relaxed interviewee is more likely to make a better impression! There are also tutorials on answering tricky questions on salary such as how much you'd be prepared to work for, so that you can negotiate well without losing the interest of the employer.

As with most other pieces of software, advice on writing high-quality cover letters is included, as well as the option to save your portfolio both as a Microsoft Word and a pdf document. A job-searching facility is provided to save you trawling through countless recruitment websites, and Winway Resume will help you to post your resume online if required. There is also a helpful 90-day guarantee, so that if you find it incompatible with what you actually wanted you can return the software at no extra cost.
Winway Resume is not a bad choice if you are looking to create a portfolio and prepare for interviews, but we would recommend first looking at some of the cheaper alternatives higher on our list, as they often contain just as many excellent features for a far lower cost.
Features of winway resume

  • Template resume: Rather than starting with a blank sheet, you enter your profession and the closest match is found out of more than 14,000 examples, written by professionals.
  • Job-winning phrases: Over 100,000 phrases to enhance your experience and skills.
  • Choice of resume types: Chronological, functional or mixed resumes available, with optional sections to add or delete.
  • Choice of themes: You can chose from more than 280 themes, all of which can be customized to suit your preference.
  • Graphics library: To illustrate and enliven your resume, you can insert images from those provided, or from your own pictures.
  • Resume Auditor: This checks for mistakes in your finished resume, including both spelling and other errors.
  • Compatible with Word and Acrobat: You can email and manipulate your resume in both formats.
  • Envelopes: WinWay allows you to print professional envelopes to send off your resume in.
  • Job-searching: Once you have entered your details and the type of jobs that interest you, Winway will automatically search several major career recruitment sites for relevant offers.
  • Publish online: You can convert your resume into html format and post online.
  • Interview practice videos: An opportunity to practice answering common and challenging interview questions, with over 200 to chose from, with advisable answers provided.
  • Salary negotiation: Again in video format, there are answers provided to questions concerning salary, to ensure you ask for neither too much nor too little.
  • Cover letters: Over 400 example cover letters are available for adaption and use.
  • One-page fit: To save time messing around trying to fit everything into one page, the software will automatically tweak the format so that only one page is filled.
  • 90-day guarantee: If you decide against the product within ninety days of purchase you will receive your money back in full.